Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I only saw the last half hour of Justice League on Saturday (Shabbat ends after 9:15 and it takes a while just to catch up on LJ. Shoulda taped it.

And maybe it was my slashy eyes, but even in that one half hour, I saw enough Batman/Superman...bitchiness that I could just imagine Supes sulking in the bedroom while Bats slept on the couch.

There wasn't enough interaction between Flash and GL for me to form an opinion. And also - Darkseid! Orion! Apokalips! Highfather! Cool!

But I'm reading the TWoP JL topic, and bear in mind that this *is* TWoP, which is "HoYay", their term for slash, friendly.

And they saw. Batman flirting with Wonder Woman. Superman flirting with *Hawkgirl*. (Okay, I think of Hawkgirl as married to Hawkman, even though she isn't in the current continuity - but the Hawkcontinuity is as confusing as Wonder Girl/Donna Troy/Troia's (may she be retconned back soon).)

I can and do see het flirting when it exists. But not in this half hour. The most I saw was a rather sweet fatherly thing between J'onn and Shayera. Or Kendra. Whatever her name is here.

And Batman? So gay. I expected him to snap his fingers at Clark.

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