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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yesterday, when I was stressing from the bad cab ride and my arm hurting and the lack of sleep, I pretty much took my husband's head off when he suggested that the, um, calendar might have something to do with my emotional extremes (anger, tears, tears and anger. Those extremes.) Which may have proved his point...

But how *dare* he suggest that just because it had been more or less the normal space of time since the last one and I was exhibiting physical symptoms and being generally PMSy that I *was* PMSy? Obviously, he deserved death. I certainly had enough other stuff to warrant being upset, right? I mean, just because I often have sleepless nights just before a period doesn't mean that that was the reason, right? Men are so quick to decide that, right?

*Sigh*. The only thing worse than having all your emotions ascribed to hormones is discovering that a good part of your emotions *are* due to hormones.

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I am *SO* with you.

I hate the fact that lately, say, the last 6-8 months, I;ve had one or two days when my emotions swing more than usual, I'll feel like crying almost to the point of tasting the tears, and I can't make it stop. It's even worse that it's hormonal and not ... something else. Why are my hormones doing this? They didn't used to. I used to be totally asymptomatic. I want that back. Screw this emotional lability thing.

Also, if anyone suggests that it might be *that time* before I bring it up, they should indeed be hurt.

I remember once specifically telling my SO that if I ever got premenstrually insane to start feeding me chocolate as if it were the end of the world... and a few months later practically breaking the bones in his arm as he tried to tempted me with a big fat choco-choco-chip brownie because ***how dare he assume*** that my righteous wrath at his very existence was due to my hormone level!?!?!?!?!

.... of course I should have realized that I was suffering hormone induced insanity.... under what other circumstances would I REFUSE a choco-choco-chip brownie??? LOL!

He had it coming. LOL :D

I've learned that there are certain things you just don't comment on if you value the family jewels, and that is one of them. I learned that from a former girlfriend. He's a married man. He should know better. :D

He is a guy, so I gotta back him up a bit. Don't be too hard on him. Any guy can be a dumbass every once in a while... ;)

Hey, I only did it by quoting Brett Butler, who made a shtick out of it in her stand-up routine. Furthermore, she had herself been commenting that it seemed likely.

The "how dare he" was not meant seriously.

Don't you go scolding me, not knowing the whole story.

My bad. :)

I was just kidding too. ;)

Girl Stuff

Then, again, you could take it as a compliment that he knows you well enough to know when your difficulties are based on normal physical changes....

I often have sleepless nights just before a period

Geez, you, too!? This has been happening for the last few years. I can now predict the start of my period by this. "Hmm, I've been sleeping fine and now... Wait a minute!" *checks calendar* "Ah *ha*!" Sure enough, 3-4 days later...

My mother just gave me some meltonin which I'm gonna try next month. I'd rather not resort to sleeping pills, if I can avoid them. But 3 or 4 days of poor sleep would make *any*one cranky.