Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

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Yesterday, when I was stressing from the bad cab ride and my arm hurting and the lack of sleep, I pretty much took my husband's head off when he suggested that the, um, calendar might have something to do with my emotional extremes (anger, tears, tears and anger. Those extremes.) Which may have proved his point...

But how *dare* he suggest that just because it had been more or less the normal space of time since the last one and I was exhibiting physical symptoms and being generally PMSy that I *was* PMSy? Obviously, he deserved death. I certainly had enough other stuff to warrant being upset, right? I mean, just because I often have sleepless nights just before a period doesn't mean that that was the reason, right? Men are so quick to decide that, right?

*Sigh*. The only thing worse than having all your emotions ascribed to hormones is discovering that a good part of your emotions *are* due to hormones.

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