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stupid anal retentive cooks

This morning, I tuned into Martha Stewart, who, as you all know, is truly anal retentive. And she plugged her website. So, today at work I went there to see if she had Jewish holiday recipes.

She did, for all of *two* holidays - Passover and Hanukkah (her spelling.) The Pesach ones were fine. The Hanukkah ones - well, unless they were recyclyced Pesach ones, the meat recipes were all meat and milk, which is forbidden.

Yes, I know most Jewish people don't keep kosher, but if you're giving recipes for a Jewish holiday, it makes sense they be kosher, doesn't it? Among other things, people will read them and think that they *are* kosher.

I was looking for a place for feedback, but I would have had to sign on. Didn't want to do that.

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