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My day started out weird. Nice, but weird. I got off my bus at my usual stop, about ten minutes walk from the real estate office. There is a connecting bus, but it comes three times an hour. I can't afford to wait, and anyway, it's a nice walk next to the prettiest park in the city.

A woman sitting on one of the benches outside the park wall stops me and asks me if I'm Jewish. I blink for a bit and tell her yes. Then she says, "You're very pretty."

I'm not.

I blink a bit longer. "Thank you very much." Moments later, I say, "Have a wonderful day!"

I still have no idea what connection the two statements have.

The other thing is that I have been doing Hogan's Heroes slash - Hogan/Klink to be precise, in my head all day. I can make it work.

I think.

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