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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles

I updated my website.


In Honor...

In honor of your website update...I re-read Measure of Our Youth AGAIN. Man, I love that story.

I always have one exception to every rule I made in fanfic and that story was it for AUs. I swore I couldn't read AUs, I couldn't find one believeable enough for me to read and commit to. Measure Of Our Youth has now been read by me seven times. I think I found the answer to my question...I CAN love AUs:)

Re: In Honor...


I mean. Wow.

Thank you! Just.

Thank you.

I'm honored.

Re: In Honor...

Well, I emailed you the first time I read it long, long ago...just not the other six:) It's always been my favorite AU and the one I rec when giving out TS fic recs onlist. It's one of those situations where I go, "Well, I never wrote as well as Debra Fran in TS, so I'll just read her and be thankful that there's such great writers in the fandom."

Seeing your latest JL story on your page I noticed that you didn't post that one to your fiction list. Or am I not getting the mail? BTW, I liked Need, though I'm not familiar with the cartoon.

I'm glad you liked it, Rat.

I just posted Need to my list. Honestly? I'd forgotten.

People are still reading my list? huh.

I should post Beautiful there, too.


Just picture Superman and Batman with very, very, very broad shoulders. :)