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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Back to work

After I got back from the convention on Monday, I was still on vacation - two days with nothing to do. Except that on Wednesday night, we had dinner at Abigaels with mabfan and gnomi. Dinner was wonderful and a lot of fun - and what else would happen when four rather geeky sf fans who have not had a chance to do this for over a year finally manage dinner together?

We built a tower out of the dessert menus - and Jonathan regrets not making it more house-of-cards-like.

The extra two days off were exactly what I needed. I spent them reading and writing - got at least one story done, and discovered Georgette Heyer, which is something I should have done a long time ago, having already plumbed the joys of Jane, Charlotte and Dorothy.*

Wonderful, charming stories, and while there is a het romance in the center of things, there is much possiblity for slash on the periphery.

But today is Monday and I am back to work. And I nearly walked out the door when I came in - the exposed and rather dull flourescents have been replaced by covered flourescents in the dropped ceiling, with non-functional ceiling fans removed. The white walls have been painted a lovely shade of pale green. There are bulletin boards by every desk. And there are two locked key cases and a new system so we can keep track of the keys, which I think is excellent.

Everything is prettier and brighter and more functional, and I had less work waiting for me than I expected. Oh, I had to call in for supplies and change the toner on the printer and the copier broke down on my watch, but otherwise, it's been a rather smooth return to work, for which I am duly grateful.

*Lois McMaster Bujold dedicated A Civil Campaign to Jane (Austen), Charlotte (Bronte), Dorothy (Sayers) and Georgette (Heyer).

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Georgette Heyer remains my idol; her stories are far from conventional romances, and she basically invented the Regency genre - everyone else copied slavishly from her. Her mysteries are also quite wonderful. I envy you the fun of diving in and reading her work for the first time; there's so much enjoyment even in rereading!

I could tell just from Arabella, which was the novel I happened to read first. Utterly charming, but behind the manners and the clothes and so on are truely three dimensional characters whom I want to meet.

Much like dear Jane, actually, although written in an entirely different style.