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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Things that throw you out of a story:

Reading a PotC story and someone mentioned "sucking out fillings."

Nope. Jack had a mouth full of gold teeth for a reason - no fillings in the early 19th C. A tooth hurt, out it went.


I like to think of it more as in fantasy Piratesland, everyone had much better teeth than they should have by any historical standard.

And they smelled much much better as well.


It's. I have this thing.

I can buy zombies, no problem. Jack being old enough to be Will's father - a stretch, but okay. The Black Pearl with those heartbreakingly tattered sails - well, it goes with zombies.

But. Messing with historical accuracy? That drives me nuts. The spider can wear all the clothes and have all the tea parties she wants, but she'd better have eight legs.

So. Zombies, yes. Cross dressing pirates, very yes. Zippers and fillings, no.

And I cannot tell you how happy I was to see new black sails...

Oh, I agree. Once you accept the existence of magic, zombies and such are part of the deal. But that doesn't mean all the rules go out the window.

Nothing cuts the strings suspending my disbelief faster than screaming historical inaccuracies.

There's this one children's book I picked up cheap in a liquidator's outlet that I will never donate to a library booksale or Goodwill just because it's so full of obvious stupid errors that I can't stomach the idea of it corrupting young minds. I'll literally throw it away first.

How bad, you say?

It took me until half-way through the second chapter to be certain it was set in Queen Elizabeth I's reign and not Queen Victoria's. That bad.

I dunno, historical accuracy aside? That might just throw me out of a story in any fandom...


And gorgeous icon.

Isn't it, though? Gift from killabeez, who's one of the best.


And that's be you.
Be what you're like.
Like what you are.
And now I'm having a wonderful time,
But I'd rather be whistling in the dark.

I think I've read your stuff before... I'm pretty sure I've followed most of the links on Rhi's page. I'd have to go back and remember which ones were yours to comment more directly. Pardon my faulty memory. It's been years since I had a computer at home to indulge in fanfic often...

My bad:

Like yourself... mrrr... lyrical confusion...

Hee! You got it! *g*

And no pardon necessary --these things tend to blur! The icon itself is a reference to my story "Whistling in the Dark," which originally appeared in Futures Without End IV. *g*