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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Curry

I made it last night, using potatoes, cauliflower, an onion, a couple of carrots, a can of chickpeas and, eventually, some frozen green beans, plus the curry powder.

I took my dutch oven, which has fairly low sides and a heavy bottom, and heated it up, then poured in some olive oil (yes, I know. I could have used ghee, but my fleishig pot is better.) Then I put in some of the curry powder and let it cook before adding the coarsely chopped Spanish onion and the two carrots slice on a thin angle. I let the aromatics simmer in the oil, adding water when it seemed necessary, while I chopped the cauliflower and cut the tiny red potatoes into thirds or so. Tossed them into the pot and added a drained can of chickpeas, and then a handful of the curry powder and a couple of cups of water. I let that cook for about an hour, until the potatoes were tender. Then I added the frozen green beans because, honestly, it looked dull even with the curry. I let the liquid reduce, and served it over brown basmati rice.

It came out very good for a first time. I think I'd rather use spinach than green beans, and it needed both more curry powder and salt, even though this particular mixture includes some salt. However, it wasn't bland, just...subtle, and the green beans worked well enough. I will adjust for next time. There will be a next time: jonbaker had thirds.

I think I'll stick with the vegetable version. I have enough meat and dairy recipes in my repetoire. I need more vegan/pareve ones. I'll look at other veggies, though.

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Don't know if you've tried it, but I find I'm really preferring the curry paste to powder. It has a wider range of flavors, and a little extra zing. The only drawback is that even the mild is pretty potent.

I haven't seen curry paste.

Maybe it doesn't come with rabbinical supervision?

Probably not; I've only seen it in Indian and Oriental markets, around here.

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I'll make part of today's regular post related to this topic.