Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Incoherency reigns!

It's another gray, rainy, thunderstormy day here in Brooklyn, and I'm buried in work, and yet LJ calls.

One thing is Destina's post on critque. Because it's got me thinking.

My relationship with critique and feedback is problematical, I guess. On the one hand, I'd welcome it because the posting into dead silence thing gets old fast (not that I get dead silence - I always get *something* when I post a story, but I *will* fret and obsessively check email and lj until I do. And I do the stupid thing of seeing that lj user="soandso" gets 50 replies to something and I get...less. Not conducive to sanity.) I believe a story isn't finished until it's read - and if when you read it, you see something I didn't put in, or see it in a different way, well. Cool. And the only way I can know it's read is if I'm told. Except for the IRC friends who get their arms twisted.

Wow, I'm not Mama Coherent, am I?

I've gotten negative feedback, and even negative critique on places like Prospect-L. I'm even publically on someone's DNR list there. I've even gotten negative remarks about a story by my beta. Which is why she's my beta (*smooches* jacquez, and why that story is nowhere to be found - it needed more of a rewrite than it deserved. And it hurts. Of course it hurts. But it means I'm out there, it means people are reacting to the way I'm writing. And that means that the story worked on some level. You know, as Gilderoy Lockhart would have said, any publicity is good publicity. Or something.

Or, of course, it's just bad.

Coherency level is still low. :)

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