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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Random thoughts

In about an hour, it will be Tisha B'Av - one of the major fast days. We'll be eating Sarah's Pasta for dinner - a dish I invented for a friend who preferred fish to meat and who was coming to Shabbat dinner with almost no notice. I'll give the recipe after the fast. :)

It's odd. Tomorrow is a fast day, but it's not a Biblical holiday. This means that there are no restrictions as to"work". One can drive a car, turn on and off lights, cook, spend money, write, use the computer - all those things. But even so, the stores in my neighborhood were all closed or closing as I came home just after 5PM - my employers having let me go home a bit early today. And all for the same reason. We all had to finish eating by 8PM, so dinner must be cooked before then, and it has to be substantial enough to last us. Last year, this took me totally by surprise. I got home at my normal time, about 6PM, and was shocked to see the supermarkets closed. I had to improvise my dinner - although using fresh salmon instead of canned was actually an improvement. This year, I made sure to have all I needed already.

On the other side of the coin,

I'm currently reading Lupin/Black stories, and there's also my new love of Harry/Neville. That is, I discovered hackthis. :)

Anyway, I couldn't help thinking that, although I consider Lupin/Black to be *canon*, if I didn't read the characters as a couple, I could see either as being straight. Well, given Sirius' lack of attention to the girls, maybe he does read as gay, but he could just have not noticed. I could even read them as "we're not gay; we just love each other" if I wanted to. They don't read as any particular sexuality to me. The same for the kids, although Harry is shading gay right now, while Ron is shading straight.

Even James and Peter...James is in love with Lily, so he feels straight, but I can *so* easily see him graciously *allowing* Peter to suck him off (there's no better way of putting this) every night.

So, most of the characters could go either way, or no way at all. Except for Snape.

Maybe it's my slash vision, maybe it's Alan Rickman's portrayal, maybe...well. Snape reads as completely gay to me. I can't picture him with a woman. With a grown Harry, yes. With Remus, with Sirius, with Lucius - oh, yes. With Tom Riddle, even if it turns my stomach and I avoid those stories - yes. Or even as celibate, willingly or not, with male/male fantasies - I can see him as a virgin. I can see him as a total slut, too. One day I'll write that story, I think.

It's behind the Harry/Remus and the Harry/Neville ones fermenting in my brain now.

Shops closing on Tisha B'Av

This was the first year that I can recall that a number of our local Jewish establishments (2 or 3 of the restaurants, plus the Israel Book Shop) closed early erev the fast and then were closed all day on the fast itself. MAB and I postulated that it was due to lack of business on the fast - why should kosher restaurants open when the majority of their clientel wouldn't be using them? - but that didn't explain the Book Shop's being closed.

Thankfully, especially with the fast being on a Thursday, the Butcherie was open its regular hours. I worked from home so as to avoid (a) snarling unnecessarily at coworkers due to general-fasting-snarliness and (b) the HVAC in my office, which does a very effective job of dehumidifying the office (thus drying me out even further than the fast itself would), and we went to Butcherie around "lunch" time. I was not surprised to find the place hopping; I've noticed a trend of larger numbers of people shopping at the kosher grocery store on fast days, though I don't have a good explanation for it.