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Shabbat was Shabbat. I got dressed in time for kiddush - came in right after services ended. This is because our rabbi is on vacation, so there was no sermon. Also, we tend to go quickly. And then - I had a two hour nap before I finally served "lunch" about 3PM. Lunch was leftover meatloaf from dinner the night before. We hadn't had meat since the previous Shabbat. And then, at 6:30, we went to the prayer class held at our synagogue.

Okay, the prayer class jonbaker is running at our synagogue. Kvell, kvell. I stayed for mincha and for suedat shlishit, the ritual third meal, and then we both went home. Jonathan was reacting badly to the change in diet and to having too much caffeine, and didn't want to stay for evening services. As there was a minyan, he saw no reason not to go home and pray there.

Sunday, my mom came to visit. My house looked awful, but Jonathan did some fast straightening up, and I managed to clean my bathroom minimally before Mom used it. We took her out to lunch - a lovely place called Circa. This is a fish/dairy place specializing in wraps and salads, but it also has pizza and sushi and a sitdown Italian restaurant on the upper level. We had egg salad on foccacia and soup, and it was delicious.

And then we bought shoes. We drove to Kings Plaza, which is the only suburban type mall in Brooklyn. Thirty years ago, my mom and (l'havdil) my grandmother a"h would spend at least one day a week there - and if I joined them, they'd drop me off at the Waldenbooks because I hated shopping.

I still hate shopping.

I needed new sneakers; my husband needed new sneakers and new fake dress shoes (meaning Rockports - dress shoe tops, sneaker soles). We couldn't find the Rockports, but we did find a Lady Footlocker, where I took one of the two pair of black sneakers off the wall, handed it to a salesman, and said, "Can I see this in size 7?" Five minutes later, he came back, and I tried them on. They fit, especially with the sports inserts. I need sports inserts, so good. I left my old shoes there and left the store with a bag of empty box. Done.

Jonathan. *Sigh*. We finally ended up in Macy's as the only place that sold Rockports. Spent two hours there trying to find shoes that fit him - probably would have been shorter but there were two salesmen and six customers. We got the Rockports, but they were a compromise on fit - good on length, slightly tight otherwise. And then we tried to get sneakers, but it was closing time and we gave up.

And I got three books in Waldens anyway - another Georgette Heyer, a new Fannie Flagg and a book called The Other Boleyn Girl.. As I've just finished a bio of Mary I, it couldn't have been timed better.

Then we took Mom out to Chinese.

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