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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just made two appointments. One is just to my internist, because I'm overdue for a checkup for my diabetes and so on. And to tell him that all I have is a mild inflammation in my right arm that isn't going *away* but I'm not quitting pakua.

Why aren't I quitting pakua? Because when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a different body. It's still soft and fat, but underneath is a layer of muscle, and some things that were convex are now flat, and somethings that were flat (not many, I grant you) are now concave. And while my stomach is still bigger than my breasts, it's not as much bigger. I feel them when I lie on my stomach now, even after my period is over, and that's amazing.

And I made an appointment to get my face lasered. After years of first electrolyisis and then waxing, I may be getting rid of one of nature's cruelest tricks on me. It won't be cheap, but it will look better and I will feel better. I'm a good candidate because I have dark hair and fair skin, and it works on the contrast. And I'm getting a couple of white hairs now, so I really can't wait.

In other personal news :), I've given up on the shampoo bars. Yes, my hair combed without conditioner, and it did feel thicker, but. It was also *sticky*, no matter how long I rinsed it, and stiff, and lifeless. And when I combed it, the comb came out sticky and there would be stuff on it that looked, on a dark comb, more or less like the shampoo bar.


So, I'm back with regular shampoo and conditioner, and my hair feels thinner, but at least it's *clean*.


Are these the Lush shampoo bars? Which ones are you using?

'Cause I've been using Irresistible Bliss all summer and never had that problem with it. My hair isn't quite as shiny as it is when I condition it, but it's never sticky.

JR Liggetts bars. They claim not to strip oils.

I guess my hair likes having oils stripped.

In that case, may I recommend Lush's shampoo bars?

The prices are in Canadian, so much more reasonable than they look like at first glance.

I adore Lush. I use their bath products, their soap, their shampoo bars, their solid deodorant... and give the bath ballistics, bath melts, and massage bars regularly as gifts to all my friends.

You may remember Marna burbling about them on the Bujold list.

(No, Bujold isn't the only addicting substance I push; why do you ask? ;)