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Pakua advances

I was, once again, in a class of my own in Pakua. My friend J, who normally takes me there, woke up late and then had to feed her kids and get the older ones to their day camps and by the time she did that, it was already 10:50, and way late. So, I took the bus. And I got there earlier than I do when I take a car service.

This is something to file away.

We worked on falls and rolls today, for which I am grateful because those are my weakest things. I have never been able to do rolls at all, and I'm still on the most basic level with falls.

Correct that. I *was* on the most basic level of falls and I *was* never able to do rolls. :)

Today, I did at least a dozen forward rolls - in this discipline, we roll on one shoulder. And I could tell that I'd gone over each time. For the first time. In fact, we worked on leg placement so I could end up kneeling. Which I managed at least twice.

As for the falls - I can do the forward fall from kneeling instead of just raising myseslf on my forearms and toes, although I can't seem to do it from squatting on my toes. Still, it's major. And I did the back fall from squatting (btw, it's a major aerobic workout doing that), and the side fall from kneeling on one knee with the other outstretched. All major advances for me. I am *amazed*.

I can't do a backwards roll yet, but we didn't even try. We need to build up my stomach muscles first, and maybe get it a little flatter. She's doing all this keeping my age and physical condition in mind.

And my physical condition is just *better*. I'm going to my internist today for a check up, and I'll get weighed and have my A1C levels checked, and we will see, but I'm confident.

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