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Strange and Good

So. I lost my wallet. It's gone. Things need canceling; things need replacing. I spent last night canceling what needed to be cancelled - namely, my two credit cards. Amex was wonderful about it - they even set things up so that in the future, should this (God forbid) happen again, all I'll need to do is call them and they'll take care of everything, even replacing my driver's license. And they're overnighting my new card to me, which is a good thing because we need to rent a car on Sunday. I'll get it tomorrow.

Today, then, was replacement day. I eventually got up, got dressed and left the house. I took in my laundry and found I could get it back in about 2 1/2 hours. Excellent. I walked to my bank, praying that it closed at three, not two. It was just two, you see.

It closed at four. And the woman at the customer service desk looks at me and says she knows me and tell me what my maiden name was. And she was right. We went to elementary school together. And I have no memory of her at all.

Got my new atm card. Got cash. Got on the train. Found out I didn't have a book to read. Horrors. :) Got off the train, bought a cheap plastic wallet so I could have something besides my daytimer to carry my money and replacements and walked to the DMV. 25 minutes later, walked out with the new license. I was amazed.

Then I made use of the ability to transfer free from subway to bus to take a bus to my comic book store. We use the MetroCard. You transfer within two hours between bus and subway, or subway and bus, or between different bus routes and you ride free. I also, to my surprise, although it *does* happen, got the transfer again on my next bus. To my *shock*, I got the transfer *again* on the third. That never happens. Cool. Meant my return trip was free in terms of carfare.

Strange and good, as I said.

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