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This is utterly amazing.

I am so caught up with my work that I was able to do the final step, a step I haven't been able to do in *months*. I was able to file the listings in the appropriate binders. For the past several months, I've been leaving this step for J, who sits at my desk and does my job (except for entering the listings in the computer)*and* hers (the other four days, she's H's assistant).

When I kept the listing books, I'd take a day every month or so, and straighten them out, plus every time I filed listings, I'd do little things. We put the forms in sheet protectors, two in a protector, organized by number of bedrooms and price. If I encountered an empty sleeve or a listing out of order, or I could consolidate listings, I would take care of it.

J gets a huge pile of listings and has to do her own job, so she just files.

I got the rental books in order today. I feel *good*.

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