Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I got my face lasered today. Because the world as it is does not accept women with hair anywhere but on her scalp and around her eyes, and most especially not on her face.

And, I've bought into that mindset. Therefore, I spent high school and college shaving, and that was just awful. And then I spent much, much, much money on electrolysis. Which was painful and had only limited success. And I bleached for my wedding. And then I spent most of my married life getting waxed (which we called "getting my face pulled off." As in, "I'll be a touch late today. I need to get my face pulled off.") Which was much less money, and had the advantage of getting it all done at once, so I felt good for a couple of weeks, and not so good after that until it was long enough to go again. It was also a not unpleasant experience.

Today, I had it zapped. I'm going to have at least five more treatments, at an average of $125 a treatment, one treatment a month. But then I will be *done*. \

It's...hmm. She put a very cold gel on my face, and then adjusted the laser so it didn't feel like it was burning me. But it was very hot and bright, even with the eye shields, gauze and my own eyelides. This lasted for about a second each time. Or less. Unlike electrolysis, it was not hair by hair. Unlike waxing, it doesn't show results right away.

I do not like having my eyes covered, but I knew what she was doing all the time, so I got over my minor panic.

I am forbidden to wax now,and I need to put on sunscreen when I leave the house. I don't think my life will improve dramatically, but I will feel better about myself.

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