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My weekend.

We were invited to lunch on Shabbos afternoon, which is always nice. Now, in the past, we'd felt a tad sorry for our host. He's a single man in his forties, and he's a Kohain, a member of the priestly lineage. Men in that lineage are restricted in whom they can marry - not converts or divorcees. This is limiting enough in one's twenties. In one's forties, it makes it almost impossible. He can marry widows, but those are not very common.

However, we are now reasonably sure that our host has never looked to get married, at least not to a woman. He's also obviously happy in his non-marriedness. Therefore, no more misplaced sympathy. He is, btw, a decent cook.

Sunday we rented a car to go to a book sale and to visit my mother. We've costed it out, and it's still less money to rent cars occasionally, whether for a day or a two week vacation, and take car services when necessary than to own a car.

We bought almost $500 worth of books, with the major purchase being the Jewish legal code. This is something we've wanted for a long time. I also got a cook book with mostly, although not entirely or intentionally vegan recipes. Many look very good. I will try some.

And the big news. The comic book shop where I'd thought I'd left my wallet found my wallet. It seems the boss put it in back, instead of in front where lost items go. And then, unfortunately, he had a stroke. I found this out when his manager saw me on my way to my office. The boss, Thank Gd, is doing okay, and the wallet is intact, cash and all. Yes, I replaced everything, but it's still good to have. Even if I actually hate the wallet. :)

I'll pick it up this afternoon.

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