Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

The dermatologist who did my laser treatment told me that I have to wear sunscreen of at least spf 35.

I couldn't find that, so I got Neutrogena SPF 45. Neturogena - has to be safe, right?

I put it on faithfully yesterday - before Pakua, after Pakua (lots of sweat), and after my shower when I got home (no showers in the dojo.)

And my face - well, my left cheek, but also other places - is covered in pimples. I mean, big and painful. I scrubbed the stuff off last nigh with soap and water, and then used astringent to clear up what was left. And that seems to have helped - they're redder but smaller. And they still hurt and I'm doing my best to keep my hands off them.

What do I do now? Anyone have any suggestions for a noncomedogenic sunblock? I have very sensitive skin that reacts to pretty much anything. It's also oily and I never wear anything on it normally. Basically, I want somethign that *isn't* waterproof.

Because today is cloudy and tomorrow I'm wearing a hat with a big brim, but Sunday is supposed to be nice. I'll need it by then.
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