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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today, in my agency, a couple of guys walked in, looking to rent a three bedroom. So, I told them the procedure - "Please fill out the registration form on that desk, and look at both sides." The one guy took it and handed it to his friend, saying, "I'll let M do it. He's my heterosexual life partner."

In Park Slope, that's considered radical.

And they were amazed I got the joke. We talked Kevin Smith movies for a bit.


I *love* that. :-) One of my favorite J&SB lines.

Hey, I have one of those! My best friend is my 'heterosexual life mate' to anyone meeting us both for the first time - it explains a lot more than 'best friend'.

LOL! I don't think anyone here would get it, other than Jen, because everyone who saw the little Buddy Christ that Jen gave me at her rehearsal dinner was confused as hell. And if there is anyone here who knows anything about Kevin Smith films, they don't know who he is, and don't know the movies other than Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, they have no clue about the others. Well a few have heard of Clerks and/or Dogma, but Chasing Amy? Or Mallrats? They have no clue, even if they do occasionally show Mallrats on cable here. They only see a little of it or they don't know what it's called or anything.

But Kevin Smith is without a doubt, a friggin' genius who deserves his own underground cult following.