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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've lost all my email.

It's somewhere on my harddrive, but Netscape can't seem to find it or my account. I had to start a new account.

Help me, please. I have many, many messages. Or, at least, I have to delete them. How do I find them?


I couldn't remember how I solved this problem once before, so I consulted a sysadmin friend, who couldn't exactly remember either. But basically, in your c:\program files\netscape\users\ (or something similar) there should be a directory called by your username, with a directory called "mail" inside that. It's possible that it's been accidentally made into a hidden file.

This is an XP system. There is no "users" under netscape.


Oh aargh. I've never tried to fix Netscape in XP.

Have you tried a search of your hard drive for *.snm files? All my Netscape files have that suffix.

What version of Netscape are you using?

Good luck.

I'm using 7.1.

And XP now thinks the old messages are just. Gone.

I'm annoyed on several counts - I save all my feedback (and however much I whine, I do get feedback) and I have to rebuild all my filters. And my bookmarks.

Does XP have a System Restore feature? If so, it will take you back to a version of your system at a certain date. Now, mind you, I have ME and a Dell, so I've only used it under Dell tech support's guidence, but it worked like a charm.

Oh no! Not your feedback! I'd hate losing mine!