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Just read Jenn's Find Me, from Te's rec page.

And now I'm thinking. Clark and his billionaires. Two of the richest and most powerful men on the planet - one *the* most powerful man on the planet now (and Gd help us, DC universe is doing better than we are in that department. Why are all the fictional presidents, even the bad ones, better than the current reality?) And maybe Clark is really the most powerful man on the planet, but he doesn't think in that way, so it doesn't matter.

Of course, we want to see Bruce and Lex together. Bruce in the beginning of his madness, Lex before Clark can save him - if Clark could ever save him. Clark can't even save Bruce, who's one of the good guys.

But Clark would try to save them both. The two rich boys with more pain in their pasts than they can handle, the two men who love and hate him, or at least fear him. Because Lex knows what he would do with Superman's power, and Bruce knows what power can do to a man, no matter how good, and neither trusts that this beautiful alien won't one day just decide to take over the world.

So both store Kryptonite. And Clark knows this. And he'll keep saving Lex and Bruce from themselves, and soothe them through nightmares if only they'd ask, and hope he's strong enough to not be torn apart by men who don't need Kryptonite to destroy him.

And that's way too much for this early in the morning.

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