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So. Here I am at my inlaws in the Mountains. We have rain, a single computer with a 56K connection, a single television no one wants to admit to watching and that's about it.

In other words. Mama is *bored*. I'm doing a lot of reading - including an HP fanfic that is very confusing.

Dumbledore is an old Victorian (yes, I know he is one, by age) who thinks that the boys (apparently, he isn't aware that Hogwarts is now co-ed - Hogwarts, which was mixed sex from the beginning *sigh*)should keep themselves pure and unpolluted for their future wives and should certainly avoid "unnatural friendships." This is *not* Dumbledore. At least, not the one I know. Also. James Potter apparently wanted to force a life-debt on Snape, so he engineered the entire Shrieking Shack episode. And Lucius learned nothing in his five years in Hogwarts.

It's...confusing. Sometimes, I wonder if the writer read the books - note the mischaracterization of Dumbledore and the length of time one spends in Hogwarts. Also, Snape gets his wand at 8 and Lupin waits until he is at Hogwarts to get his books. And - we know that Snape is 35 from the timeline, and Lucius is 41 according to the Prophet, yet here he's seventh year when Snape and so on are fourth. However, other times we have scenes that were lifted out of OotP. I'd suspect those scenes were added later except that they're integral to the plot (for which, good!)

So, I'm confused. Other than the details, the writing is decent and Lucius is beautifully evil. She doesn't like Gryffindors (moralizing hypocrits, apparently) but she's not all that fond of Slytherins, either.

And there is nothing else to *do*.

There is a second computer - my brother-in-law's Powerbook. But it's not connected. We only have the one dial-up line.

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