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Mail woes and Mother-in-laws

The second shall be first.

My mother-in-law broke her arm on Friday. To be precise, she fell and broke her upper left arm. In three places. She is righthanded, so that's something - when my own mother broke her wrist, it was her dominant one (in this case, left.)

She didn't tell us until Saturday night - apparently, neither she or my father-in-law could get to a phone between the accident and 7PM on Friday. They're in the mountains still, and have had to cancel their plans to return to Manhattan for awhile, although, frankly, I think we'd be happier if they did come down. Right now, they're 200 miles away from us, and, well. I'm sure the doctors up there are good, but Manhattan has an entire hospital that specializes in such things. And in their own apartment, she has two recliners she can sleep on - until she gets surgery, she can't sleep in a bed - and can use the elevator instead of a very steep flight of stairs. Plus, Manhattan has amenities besides doctors - such as kosher restaurants that deliver, instead of *nothing* at all, just the stuff she's managed to freeze, and a large community of friends who actually live there, instead of just being up on weekends. And, well. Us.

She did, however, cancel her Rosh HaShanah guests. Which they will still spend in the mountains because Daddy is leading services and they need him.

Poor mom.

As for the email woes -

Last week, I had to redo my email account because for some reason, my netscape went weird. I still hadn't gotten my filters back the way they were, nor my bookmarks. This week. This week, I couldn't get netscape to talk to my email account again. I rebooted. I uninstalled and reinstalled Netscape. I deleted my account *again* and started fresh.

I called Verizon, and it would be a thirty minute wait, so I gave up and read my mail over the web, which worked *fine*.

This morning, I called verizon and waited. Read lj. Read fic. Listened again and again to some recorded instructions. Decided to follow them. Turned off the dsl modem. Rebooted. Turned on the modem. A helpdesk person came on right then. I reconnected and, voila! It worked.

So everything was fine. I apparently should turn off the modem once a week or so. No one has ever told me to do this before, in all the years we've had DSL. Huh.

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