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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
A Visit from Hedwig

The owl, I mean. And she didn't bring a letter from Hogwarts, either.

About 2:30AM, we woke up because we heard something in our bedroom - things were falling. At first Jonathan thought the ceiling was falling, but no. It was some huge bird.

He turned on the light, and I promptly acted like a 21st century woman. Not. I hid under my sheet and pillows, I did. I could hear the bird flying around the room and hitting the walls (okay, it wasn't Hedwig. Too stupid.) as Jonathan tried to shoo her to the window. Which was, at that point, pretty much closed. We think she came in through a gap at the side of the air conditioner.

Eventually, he removed the a/c completely, and then the screen and opened the window wide, and took a mop handle we keep there for opening and closing high windows, and after many exhortations ("Out the window, Bird. Come on, Bird. Out the window." Crash against the wall. "Come on, Bird."), she left.

Only after she leaves does he tell me it was a snowy owl. And he was terrified. Which is only natural when a very large and equally terrified bird of prey, complete with sharp beak and talons, invades your bedroom. However, she was also apparently very beautiful and I deeply regret my cowardice.

Took him many hugs, and a shot of whisky and hours of playing "Snood" to calm enough to sleep. He's working at home today, we think, and I'm in a daze.

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it was probably a barn owl, not a snowy

Barn Owls nest in NYC, Snowy Owls are rare winter visitors. Creeping into a building through a hole is typical Barn Owl behavior, Snowy Owls like to sit in fields and other wide open spaces. Both are very pale and large -- Barn Owl wingspan is 44 inches to Snowy's 55. Did J notice the eye color? Barn Owl has dark eyes, Snowy has yellow eyes.

Either way, I envy J extremely & wish you hadn't hidden under the covers.

Re: it was probably a barn owl, not a snowy

Huh. Well.

I don't think Jonathan actually *appreciated* it. More...

Anyway, it had dark eyes, and he concurs. It was a barn owl.

So. Not Hedwig.