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I was just informed that my job is going from three days to two days.

Three days has been perfect. I get the extra bux we need, *and* I get a day off so I can do other things before Friday, such as cooking in the wintertime, plus I can go to any conventions I want to.

Two days. Blah.

And they're telling it's not my job performance. It's because an elderly relative has lost her job.

She'll *never* be able to do the things I do with the computer. Half the agents can't.

But I'm sitting here trying not to cry - the lady is sitting in the office space in front of me. And this is not the time of year to look for another one, although it's probably what I now have to do.

Jonathan will be thrilled. I'll be working in my own neighborhood. But. Right now, it hurts. I've worked here the second longest of everyone. I started here 2001. I've done a good job. They miss me when I'm not here.

Good luck to them. And I should tell Jonathan but I can't.

Edited to add that it's all been solved. I'm back on three days/week. Yay!

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