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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just got a phone call from my mother-in-law - which was basically the opposite of the phone call I got from her last night. Last night, she'd waited all day for the hospital to get a piece of equipment it shares with another hospital. In anticipation of surgery, she hadn't eaten.

By the time they got the equipment, they had to postpone the surgery until today. So they fed her.

A ham sandwich.

Grrr. Insult to injury, right?

However, *today* - today she had the surgery, under a general when the local proved to be ineffective. And it went very well. She's much more comfortable now that the bones have been pinned and she only has a soft cast - and she'll be able to sleep in a bed at home, too. And they gave her a kosher meal, and a nice fruit cup. It's wonderful news.

She should be home tomorrow.

Thank goodness.


Tova Batya bat Tzvia, for those who wish to pray.


That's good news.

Here's wishing a quick recovery!


Glad to hear the good news. Mishaberach on the way.

I can't believe they couldn't (wouldn't) come up with something (anything!) better than a ham sandwich.

I'm glad to hear she's doing better, and will be home tomorrow.

I'm glad she's doing well and will be home soon.

A ham sandwich? Sheesh. I hope they gave her something else that day, even if it was only a salad or piece of fruit or something.