Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Same old same old

It's happened again. Rather, two things have happened again. I'm reading Prospect-L and someone makes two basic assumptions, neither of which is true.

Ah, but have you checked out the section on Bible fanfic?

Yes, I said *Bible*. As in "The". As in, if you're a devout
Christian some of this stuff will probably make you stroke out. To
the rest of us it's just extremely entertaining. (And by all means,
don't miss the slash story called "Why God made homosexuality a sin.")

The two assumptions are as follows: 1. Devout Christians have no sense of humor and will therefore blow a gasket at any sign of blasphemy. 2. Only devout Christians believe in the Bible enough for such things to bother them, even if they are already amused.

As I am not a devout Christian, but rather a devout Jew, I personally find #2 to be more annoying. Not only is it *my* sacred text, too, we had it *first*. Christians *borrowed* it (to put it kindly) and I resent the implication that only Christians care about it.

However, I know devout Christians, both Protestant and Catholic. Many are slashers, most of senses of humor and few would blow a gasket at the thought of, say, David and Jonathan or even Jesus and Simon. Those that would would probably not be reading a slash list at all. And they certainly don't need me to defend them.

I'm not offended by Bible slash, even Jewish scripture slash. Heck, I've written some.

Purim Torah

But that's a special case and my normal practice is to not read it.

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