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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. I'm watching one of the Sunday Talking Head programs, and it's George Stephanopoulis who is interviewing Howard Dean.

Right now, I'm going to say that I'm completely and utterly undecided about who I want to be in the White House except I want them to be fairly elected and not be Dubya. Dean is a possibility. So are others.

So this is just something I realized.

Dean is Jed Bartlett. Oh, not totally. Dean doesn't have a ph.d in Economics, nor a Nobel Prize. He's also taller and not Catholic.

But he is the moderate/liberal governor of a small New England state with enormous grass roots appeal, and he is also married to a physician. Just like Jed. Except he's also a physician, which is actually cool.

So maybe he's not. But he's close.


The whole thing keeps giving me West Wing Flashbacks to.

The sad part is that I wouldn't mind voting for Jed Bartlett.

It's better than the fact that Joseph Liberman looks exactly like Senator Palpatine.

A vote for Palpatine is a vote for order.

He is very close...he also gets me excited about politics the way Bartlet did (season one/season two...).

He's actually not much taller than Bartlet either. I do wonder if he will fill his White House with folks like Josh and Sam, though...