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In other news...

Last year, my mom had the summer from hell. First, she has a car accident. Her nice brand new Toyota was totalled; the tree wasn't in much better shape. She hit the tree while driving relatively slowly on a side street, not the highway. Thank God.

She broke her left (dominant) wrist. Not the knee cap that whammed into the dashboard. Not her head, even though she did pass out before the accident. She was 70 years old, but her bones were very, very strong.

Thank God.

So, she spent a few days as a patient in the hospital where she does volunteer work in the gift shop. Which means that she never lacked for *anything*, including such necessities as giant balloons. Everyone knew her. And she even lucked on roommates - nice talkative ladies.

So. She goes home. It takes awhile and a lot of therapy, but in a couple of months, she's okay. She can cook, she can write a little, she can start crocheting, she can stop eating with her right hand, she can drive.

Which means she can buy a new car. A Hyundai. We kept trying to get her to get another Toyota, but, well.

And one night, she went to the movies with one of her neighbors, taking the Hyundai. When they got back, their condominium was on fire. My mother managed to salvage her photographs, her clothes and a couple of pieces of furniture, including a lovely desk she's had for twenty years. Twenty five years. Also her tchotchkes. See, she didn't get burned so much as wet - fire started on the top floor (unsupervised kids playing with matches) and she's ground level. Had to go four levels to reach her.

She did, however, lose a lovely needlepoint she'd made. :(

She lived with my brother for a couple of months, and then found a tiny apartment in a retirement complex. She didn't have much stuff left, so it didn't have to be large, but she never liked it. It was crowded and parking is terrible and they keep building more.

But they were also steadily rebuilding the condo, and as of today, it's finished. She could move tomorrow if she wants.

And she's back to more or less full function with her wrist - it's slightly crooked and arthritic, but she can do everything with it again.

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