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Diary for pakua

We're supposed to do a diary thing about what we did in pakua. They keep promising to email me templates, but never do.

So. I'll do it here, guessing all the while. It's only once a week as yet.

Got to class on time. This was my first full class with Instructor Dominique (note: not the Dominique of Master Dom fame. This one is a blue belt. And blond and perky and a high school senior. *Sigh*). She had Jas and I run around the dojo, with occasional punches, while the rest of the class came late. They quickly warmed up, doing the situps and push ups we *didn't* do.

We did the 24 movements, the stretches we do at the beginning of each session. Normally, the person in front, the leader, demonstrates each movement and then counts us through four reps. Dominique - sometimes it was three, sometimes it was two, and it was always confusing. However, she was in front, and therefore could do no wrong, by pakua convention.

And then we did rolls and falls. Again. This would be the second week in a row for me. I need these, but oh, I'm going to hurt. So.

1. Front fall. Yellow belts fall from squat. I fell from squat. That means, I squatted on my heels, held my hands out flat, touching forefingers and thumb tips to form a diamond shape, and ... fell forward, hoping to land on my forearms and toes, with nothing else touching. I landed on my stomach the first time, but not the second.

2.Back fall. Also from squat. Squat on heels. Fall backwards, landing on back with arms, held at a 45 degree angle from the body, slapping the mat. One knee is bent, the other leg is held out straight, also at 45 degrees from the ground. Head does not touch the mat. I find this fall to be very easy and natural. Did it twice.

3.Side fall. Squatting on one leg, the other leg straight, resting on heel. One arm, same side as straight leg, held out straight. Fall towards arm, which hits ground at 45 degree angle. Bring bent leg over so it touches the ground, while that arm goes up in a block. I also find this easy and natural. Did it twice.

4. Front rolls. Very difficult for me. First time, I did it from a squat. Put one hand flat on the floor. Tilt head in that direction, so that it's "glued" to that shoulder. Curve opposite arm towards your back, between your legs. Roll over that shoulder, the one with the curved arm. Attempt to end up kneeling and then get to your feet and into fighting position. I managed, I think, to go over. Second time, I squatted on one leg, and pointed the other, and I think it worked better. However, the first is the way I'm supposed to go if I want to make progress.

5. Back rolls. Master K, my former instructor, said that my stomach will be a problem with this. It's not just a muscle thing, it's a physical obstacle that must be overcome. However, I tried. Yellow belts go into back fall and then attempt to push themselves over. I. Well, I tried. :)

We were then instructed to five rolls and falls of our choice (yeah, I know, but she said it would be all right to do one thing five times.) Everyone started with a forward roll. :) I did that, a back fall, a front fall, a side fall and an attempt at a backward roll.

Then we did a self-defense movement. The attacker grabs from behind. The victim stamps on the attacker's foot, whams back with her head, puts her hands on her hips, turns to first hit the attacker with her elbow and then punches attacker in the face. (That's the yellow belt level. Orange belt requires using pressure points.) Normally the two different levels work out with each other, so I would be working with at least one of the orange belts, who would be forced to work on my level. But this time, I just stayed with P, the other yellow belt. (I do outrank her. I got yellow first *and* now I have my stripes.)

We finished with a lesson in Shadow Movements, which is a form of tai chi. I like those.

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