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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Random time wasters

According to a fanfic I am currently reading, Clark is happy that Whitney and Lana are married, and Lex "intend[s] to drill him Clark thoroughly at the earliest convenience."

My mind lives in the gutter. No. My mind aspires to the gutter, for it is way above my head.

On the way to work today, while standing in the subway for the all of one stop I am on the subway, I saw an ad for a self-storage space. The copy said, "My boyfriend's artwork. Vinyl Records. Old Chemistry set." The picture? A handsome African-American *man* in scrubs.

:) I love my city.

The tri-deli sub (roast beef, turkey and "Italian cured veal" with cranberry dressing on whole wheat baguette) I bought at Subsational, a kosher sub shop, was to *die* for. I'm guessing it was fake prosciutto, but as I've never had real prosciutto, I have no idea how it compared. Oh, the lost opportunities pre-keeping kosher!

According to another truly bad piece of fanfic, btw, Lex Luthor (or maybe Luther) was raised empiracly. The Kents, however, raised a "big hunk of boyish wonderful." Lex told Jonathon (sic) that, himself.

On another note - I have a Smallville future fic fermenting now. And I'd like to create this picture, if the story allows me:

Lex being sworn in as president on the Kent family Bible, held in Clark's hands.

(Note: it's traditional for the First Lady to hold the Bible during inaugauration.)

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Re: Smallville Fic

I so want a happy ending. I want the ending I described above. I want Lex on the side of light, and Clark able to save the world in the morning, write about in the afternoon, and sleep with the President in the evening. :)

But that's not up to me.

Glares at the boys.