Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 9/25/03

We did more falls/rolls today.

I'm doing better with the front falls - I'm landing more on my arms than my stomach, although I'm still landing on my stomach. I'm more consistent with them, too. Back and side falls are still very simple for me. The hardest part of the side fall is the initial position, which is a half crouch - crouching on one side, with the other leg extended. I find it a difficult positiion to achieve. I managed it the second time.

I also managed to do two full back rolls.

Since falls/rolls are the reason I didn't get orange belt, I'm very pleased.

Instructor Dominique broke down the initial 24 movements into parts - Sky, Man, Earth. Sky is the upright movements - the four head and four arm movements. Man is the movements that take place with legs shoulder width apart, the upright legs stretches and the two split movements. Earth is the eight movements that take place while actually *on* the floor - the various stretches we do there.

After the rolls/falls, she gave us more instruction on "Shadow movements", which is a form of tai chi. They're very calming and graceful, and one day I shall master them. But right now, I'm just clumsy.

After that, she had us sit on the floor for a bit as she disappeared. I had a sneaking suspician why she did. And I was right.

I am now in possession of three orange stripes to sew onto my yellow belt, and Jasmine, our green belt, now has three gray stripes. With her next advance, when she gets the full grey belt, we will call her "Instructor." Neither of our two orange belts were around. What's going to be hard is that there's a yellow belt who joined later but she's younger and stronger and I think she'll be orange before I am. And deserve it.

Meanwhile, I'm proud enough of my orange stripes and will be glad to decorate my belt.

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