Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Just Nice

Last night, we had one of those nice surprises that make an evening. We went out to dinner to a new place, a kosher Southeast Asian place. Really, really good, btw. We walked in and were immediately greeted by a friend from our new synagogue. We chatted a bit and then the hostess asked us where we wanted to sit - up front or towards the back. We chose the back and as we walked there, we heard people shouting, "It's the Bakers!"

There, sitting at a long table in the very back,in what would be an outdoor garden if the temperature were above freezing and was was now roofed over and heated with huge gas heaters, was a family that we'd been very friendly with in our old synagogue. They were there because the size of the party and because of two babies, the older of which immediately told us she was a "big sister." Which, of course, she is.

There was plenty of room and all but person there knew us, so we accepted their invitation eat dinner with them, although we kept our check, etc, separate. It was a lot of fun - they're bright, interesting people who apparently miss our presence in the old place. And our friend's mother gave us "mitzvah money" - money to donate to charity when we arrive in Israel to help insure a safe trip.

When we get back from Israel - we're leaving next Wednesday, Gd willing - we'll invite the lot of them out to same place.
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