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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Cooking Update II

Electric boogaloo?


Big Pot o' Soup on stove, just getting *warm*. This is chicken soup, but I put a turkey bottom in, too. Just because. And a pound of carrots. And onions and parsnips and turnips and celery and dill and parsley. And bayleaves for the magic. Simmer, simmer.

Bicolored gefilte fish loaf - one package frozen salmon gefilte fish. One package frozen regular gefilte fish. One bunch parsley. Thaw the fish. Chop the parsley. Spread the salmon on the bottom of the pan. Cover with parsley. Put the regular fish on top. Cover with foil. Bake.

(Or, you can first think you'll do a jelly roll thing, and spread the salmon on a sheet of foil, and realize you don't have enough, so put it in the new loaf pan you bought, and find the loaf pan too big, and then find the smaller ones you have left over unused from another occasion and use them. Proceed as above, stopping to chop the parsley in the middle instead of ahead of time.)

Put in oven with pot roast. Hope it's done in an hour. :)


You're so far ahead of me. I haven't even really begun to cook or even to finish up my shopping. *sigh*

I don't suppose you want to fly here, cook for me, then go home and finish up? No? I didn't think so, but a girl can dream.

Fly out here and spend it with us? Both of you?

We have a fold out couch and an air mattress...

BTW, looks like I'm not going to Escapade. There's a good chance I'll be on a panel during the President's Day conference of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Association.

Stupid priorities...:)

Thanks for the invite. It's a bit late to get plane tickets, unfortunately.

Definitely stupid priorities. Feh.

Hey, after Rosh Hashana, you want to help me learn about how to implement the cooking aspects of being shomer Shabbat? I know the rules. The logistics of cooking are kicking my ass though. I could call you?

You can absolutely call me.

The logistics are only hard until you start doing them, and then they become second nature. Really. :)


I really do understand most of what I need to do, but some of the ways to make them possible just escape me.

My email is lizyjn @ earthlink.net, if you want to organise the phone call after YK.

stop! You're making me hungry!! I live such a sheltered life...I've never even heard of salmon gefilte fish. I thought it was all made from whitefish.

It's only been around a short period of time.

It's pretty good, too. More importantly, it's *pretty*.

And it's cooked. I'm just waiting for it to cool down so I can put it in the fridge.

And my house smells like a holiday. Yum. Chicken soup.

Tomorrow - turkey. Noodles. Chili. rice. kugel. green beans.

Mmm, sounds yummy.

Baked gefilte fish? I've never tried that. Sounds interesting.

Is the soup for Friday night only, or also for Saturday? If the latter, what tricks do you use to keep it at the right temperature? Blech? I'm wondering if you end up losing too much to evaporation/boil-off/etc. (I'm planning to have soup for Saturday lunch, and I'm currently thinking large casserole in the oven. The crock pot is already in use.)

The soup is for tonight (put in pot, keep warm in oven until dinnertime) and for Sunday, heated according to the laws of holiday as opposed to Sabbath cooking.

If I were to serve it for Saturday lunch, I'd keep it warm in a crockpot and then dilute it with hot water from the hot water urn. However, I find it tastes too brown for that. Currently, my lunch plans are leftover turkey and warmed up challah kugel and salad.

Baked gefilte fish is absurdly easy. Take frozen loaf. Put in loaf pan. Pour salsa or tomato sauce over it. Bake. I went fancy, so I thawed it first.