Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Cooking Update 2A

I am amazingly impressed with myself.

I got back from shopping at 11:40. By 12:00 I had the turkey in the oven, with a fresh rosemary and lemon mixture spread under the skin. Breast down. I find that makes a very moist breast.

Then the time frame gets confusing, but. I put a pot of water up to boil, then toasted some almonds in a dry pan. When they were done, I sliced up two onions very finely and fried them until they were brown and nearly crisp, and mixed them with the almonds. These will be mixed with green beans later. I put that pan aside and took out my stew pot, where I sauted onions and green pepper. Meanwhile, the water boiled and I started to cook the fine egg noodles for the soup. That took maybe five minutes. I drained them, and put the saute pan in its place. There I sauted chopped onions and mushrooms with a little chicken broth (from the pot I'd made last night, of course.) I kept an eye on both for a bit before taking the leftover challah I'd frozen a few weeks ago and thawed over night. I tore it to pieces - not hard as this was a pullapart challah. I soaked it in warm water and then squoze as much as I could out, and put the bowl aside. I added about half of yesterday's pinto beans to the chili pot, plus seasonings.

When the onions and mushrooms looked close to done, I took down the kugel bowl, mixed in oil, salt, pepper and three eggs, by the highly technical handsmoosh method. I also added more of the chicken broth. I prepared a pan for it by spraying it with cooking spray. The veggies being done, I mixed them (with a spoontula) to the now gushy bread and poured it into the pan, and slid it next to the turkey. There was just enough room, which I'd made sure about earlier.

I washed up, more or less.

I now have a turkey and a kugel baking and a pot of chili, with tomato sauce, simmering.

And I can rest.

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