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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Department of weird mail

Okay, not *that* weird. It's a catalog of motivational things, called "Successories". (I couldn't make that up. I wouldn't make that up.)

Among the offerings are framed prints to use as awards, called "The Essence of..." - Prints and quotes related to a theme - the Essence of Survival. The Essence of Leadership. The Essence of Golf.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me, too.

Also, juggling shapes and mugs and calenders and paper cubes and...

Successories. Y'think Lex uses any of these?

Lana would. :)

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There is a whole parody of them, Dispair something or other.

Personally, I'm happy that with only 17 people, the way they try to motivate us has nothing to do with posters....

Actually, it's usually just offers of open bars. We don't get much in free stuff.

I think you mean these people.
I bop over there occasionally when I'm feeling especially cynical.

I'm amazed you haven't seen these before.

Out here, there are whole stores in malls devoted to "Successories". Our latest Bureau Director keeps putting more of the posters up on the walls. We've got "Character", "Change", "Improvise" and "Chart Your Own Course" on the walls by the copy machines on this floor alone.

The pictures are pretty, but I find the "motivational text" under them less than inspiring, frankly.

I don't go to many malls, because there aren't many in NYC, plus those that do exist are either trendy/expensive or aggressively *not*, we don't get those stores. That is, the anchor stores are Marshalls.

And my boss has more taste than that, I'm happy to say.

I'm more amused at the Essence of Golf.

Hee! These have always cracked me up. I bet people give them to Lex. I think people like Turnbull actually get motivated by them.

My boss loves those things. He once gave out Successory pencils to everyone for Christmas. He was thrilled when our new office came with a bunch of Successory posters along with the furniture. Some of my coworkers have modified them with photos taped to the glass. {g}

I think Lex would buy the company and burn it to the ground.