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Pakua Diary 10/2/03

We got to the dojo a little late, since Judith decided to take me.

Instructor Dominique, who was just starting the 24 movements with Jasmine, told us to warm up "until we felt warmed up." Master Katie would have told us "So many pushups, so many situps, so many squats." I ran in place and then in small circles, did thirty pushups and twenty crunches. And then we lined up and lined up again to be in the right order (left to right, front to back in reverse order of belts/seniority.) And then we had disruption after disruption, so Instructor Dominique told Jasmine to take over, and she started again from the beginning.

After that, and the amusement of seeing Instructor Dominique lead Master Jeremy through the dojo so he could use the bathroom because he had to have his eyes closed - religious women in pant, and three of us married with our hair exposed. Actually, Judith and I had our hats with us, so we just put them on, but there was still the pants thing. I'm not so concerned, as my rather oversized gi covers my hips, but Judith had reason to be unhappy. Riki had to duck into the dressing room to get her kerchief.

Anyway. (And this is as chaotic as the lesson. Which is not good.) Instructor Dominique taught us sun kicks. This is an orange level kick. I only have three orange stripes and Penina is a plain yellow belt. But we learned it anyway. It's a floor level kick, which means that one drops to the floor, kneeling on one knee with the other leg extended to the side, and one turns a complete circle on that knee before rising to a right foot back fighting position. It's very hard on the knee and the arms.

After doing it a few times, we used it in a defensive move - attacker does a side kick, and defender drops down and sweeps her off her feet with the sun kick. I was very bad. There's no other way around it. I was very bad, and I did not get any real help because she was practicing with Jasmine, our green-belt-with-gray-stripes.

During this time, there was laughter and incessant chatter, from *all* of us, and this stuff should be done in near silence but she doesn't impose discipline.

I like the people in my class; I love Judith who has been my friend for well over a decade. I may have to change.

We finished with more shadow movements. I seem to be improving there, at least.

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