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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Little over an hour to go. I've showered. The chicken soup is heating and the chicken pasta salad (saute onions, red pepper and broccoli in olive oil. Add sliced garlic. Saute cubed chicken breast filet. Add to veggies. Add balsamic vinegar. Toss with spiral noodles.) I've made this recipe every erev Yom Kippur for about a decade. The protein and carbs seem to do the trick.

I'm wearing my offwhite skirt. I have two white tops. I'll wear one tonight and one tomorrow. And a white hat. We wear white as a symbol of the purity of our souls that we hope to attain.

I have not had enough water today. Not nearly enough. Chugging some down now.

May all who celebrate this holiday be inscribed for a good year.

May all who don't have a happy, prosperous and blessed next twelve months.


Oh, right, water. Must chug. Thanks for reminding me. (Although it's fifty-fifty whether I make it through the whole fast without water; under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a great problem, but I have to sing for everything except tomorrow early afternoon. Well, I'll give it a shot.)

note for next year

I began increasing my water intake about a week ago (in part, swapping water for increasing amounts of Diet Coke, but also just increasing in general). That seemed to help get me used to drinking a gallon or more of water a day, so keeping that up in the hours leading up to Yom Kippur worked pretty well.