Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Holiday prep

We have our lulav/esrog sets. $35 each. But they're beautiful.

I'm cooking a turkey stew, and soon I'll make noodles. That will be Shabbat dinner. We have invitations for tomorrow's lunch and dinner. Lunch on Sunday will be lambchops, green beans and noodle kugel.

Jonathan is currently in our sukkah, hanging decorations. Among them are two he just made by printing out photos of Rav Kook, ztz"l and Rav Soleveitchik, ztz"l. Chasidim have rebbes, so he wants two of the greatest recent Mitnagid rabbis. Also, our shul says prayers for both of these men. So.

He slid the printouts into sheet protectors.

Next year, maybe we'll have laminated travel posters of Israel.

And then there is all that brightly colored mylar and the plastic grapes.

And I forgot to buy fireplace matches, so lighting the stove on Sunday is going to be a major challenge.

Huh. I'll figure it out.


Having gone to four different stores, I have. No fireplace matches. I do have drinking straws. If we can't find our lost fireplace matches, we will tape regular matches to the straws - ten should be plenty. And that will be enough. I did get another long candle. And some diet Pepsi because I've been craving soda.

And the Sukkah is tastefully decorated.

May all who observe have a joyous holiday.

May all others have a wonderful weekend.

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