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I'm currently working up courage to call a plumber so that A. we can get our showerhead repaired and B. so we can see about moving the stove and the washing machine/dryer hookups so I actually have room for the washing maching/dryer hookup. Then we can by a stackable and I will be a real person (somewhere along the way, I've defined that as "adult owning one's own laundry machines, or at least not having to schlep laundry to the laundromat." Do not ask me why, nor do I define anyone else not owning said devices as a not-real person. Just me, and mainly just me on laundry day.)

I know the plumber. He's a very sweet guy. My boss, who manages apartments, uses him. I just need to call. It doesn't help that we hope to go away next week. More on that anon.

My boss. My boss is a very bright and talented lady who knows her businesses well - she's a real estate broker, an office manager, a building manager and runs a renovation contractor as well. She is basically a very good go-between, knowing people, supplies and money matters. And she does have a way with people. I've seen her - and she's *small* - stand up to a scary-drunk man, yelling at him. "Just *look* at yourself. Didn't you *promise* me you'd shape up?" And he acted like a bad schoolboy. It was, well. Amazing.

But she's also mercurial. One moment, she's happy and smiling and joking, or cuddling babies, the next she's angry. I'm the receptionist/secretary. My job ranges from stultifying boring when the phone doesn't ring and there is no work, even make work, I can do to rote and mechanical to juggling customers, listings, phone calls and agents all at the same time. Because, as in everything else, things tend to all happen at once. I can multitask. But at one point, what she sees is me fielding phone calls while an agent is taking a listing because the client was bored waiting for me. And she gets upset. *sigh*

On the other hand. My husband is. Unique. He was watching Cheney on Leno night before last and then as it was repeated on the Daily Show last night. Cheney mentioned being an "avid bird hunter" and how he'd found "undisclosed locations" in various states with pheasants, grouse and quail. Jonathan thought it was hilarious. "The Axis of dinner." When I nodded - I mean, obvious, right?, he said, "Because those are game birds." It seems my husband, who has only ever done target shooting with a 22 at scout camp because basically we're forbidden to hunt (animals killed by any method other than the one specifically prescribed are rendered unkosher, and killing animals needlessly is also forbidden.) heard "avid bird hunter" as meaning "bird watcher." But this is also the man who brought home an egg-shaped tea pot surrounded by little bunnies because it was *cute*, totally oblivious to how very Easterish it was. And he wonders why I never use it!

And yes, I love him for that.

Trip/Purim planning is proceeding slowly. I need to bake today. And maybe write Cara a story.

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