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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I finished the story.

Okay. I liked it. It wasn't fraught with meaning and I have problems with some of the plot points (Ekaterin is simply not the sort of woman who would sit by and let her child *die* when she has access to the best medical care in the galaxy - if it's not available on Komarr, the Duranas have it on Escobar, and there's nothing stopping her from going to Beta Colony right away. It's also utterly unthinkable that anyone who knows Miles at all would suspect him of infidelity towards Ekaterin. Nor would Ellie even or ever try to tempt him.). but watching Draco fit in so very well on Barrayar, except for the whole uniform thing, was a lot of fun.

It was a...snack. Fun, but not a meal. And I didn't like that Ekaterin called the profesora "Aunt Helen." I also think Nikki would call his stepfather "Lord Miles". But that's just me.


*fishes out her copies of Komarr and A Civil Campaign* No, I was right; Ekaterin refers to them as Aunt and Uncle Vorthys. Miles calls his parents either Mother and Father or sir and ma'am when speaking to them and speaks /of/ them by title, but I imagine Nikki probably does use Lord Miles, or something like that, given his age at the marriage. (Before that, of course, he was Lord Vorkosigan. I'm not sure about during the interval between the engagement and the wedding.) Calling his stepfather Lord Miles is a little odd, given Barryaran title ettiquette, but calling him Miles would be rude, calling him Lord Vorkosigan when speaking to him would /definitely/ be odd, and I doubt Miles has tried to convince Nikki to call him Papa, Father, or anything like that.

Yeah, I had trouble buying the initial premise too -- a genetic disorder, when we know damn well that Miles at least would make damn sure that the kids' genes scan out clean? I suppose it's _possible_ that a rare disorder might not be caught on a gene scan, but....

But once I filed that under "AU", I enjoyed the rest. And Draco meeting Byerly was utterly priceless.