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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New Belt!

I am now an ORANGE BELT!

We had a make up class today, and Master Brian took advantage of that to have an belt ceremony for those of us with stripes on our belt. It meant that Rikki and I, the two religious married ladies present, had to wear head coverings plus skirts over our uniform pants, but who cares? I'm an ORANGE belt! And since I got it at the beginning of the class (we could take off the hats and skirts when he left), I had the entire class as an orange belt!

Orange belt is pressure points, so I can now cause actual pain.


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*runs away very fast*

You better run.

I can put force behind the Sorcerer's Apprentice whip. :)


May you go from strength to strength. :-)

Thank you!

Amen. :)


You're doing such a great thing for yourself. I'm all sorts of impressed. I'm going to Pilates, which is good for me and all, and I see improvement in my ability to do the stuff we do in there, but ... you still impress me.

Shabbat shalom! Maybe I'll load up my crockpot tonight... damn, do I actually have any beans? Hrmmm. Shopping before home.

I think that's why I like this. The classes are different every time, the progress is visible and I'm learning something that I might need, God forbid. Or, more likely, *teach*. I'd love to make it to black belt and teach.

I have a long way to go, though, and hopefully by the time I make it to gray, they will have all female "improvement" classes. Otherwise, I'd have to talk to a rabbi about what I can and cannot do in a mixed class. The one woman I know of on that level is taking them with her husband, so she can spar with him as well as any woman present. I wouldn't have that option.

Meanwhile, I'm thrilled beyond measure to get ORANGE.

WOO-HOO! [applause][backflip] huzzah!

Thank you! Hugs.

Mazel tov!!

Thank you!!

Wow. That's an amazing accomplishment.

So, actual pain, huh? I'm suddenly glad that we're friends. *g*


Actually. I demonstrated the cool new thing I learned today on jonbaker.

Apparently, he's more sensitive at that particular point (the pressure point just above the elbow) than I am. And I have strong hands.

So. I have to learn to be careful. What a thought.

And. Thank you!

Orange belt is pressure points, so I can now cause actual pain.


The little smiley after that statement is... unnerving.

I'd say you were enjoying this too much, except that I think you're actually enjoying it just right. :>


It is scary in a way.

My friends who preceded me to orange found the whole idea to be off-putting. They didn't mind getting the pressure themselves, but they were afraid of hurting the other person, so it was difficult for them.

I seem to be going the other way. I don't want to cause pain, but I want to learn to do this right so that if, God forbid, I'm in a situation where it's necessary, I will know what to do and be able to do it.

Which means I can't be afraid of this now.


Thank you!


Thank you!

Strong Mama!


You deserve to be very happy & proud!

I am, you know. Happy and proud. I worked hard for this.

Thank you!

Mazel tov and yashar koach! That's wonderful!

Thank you so much!

I am *extremely* impressed! Congratulations, D!!!

Thank you so much!!




WOO! Go, Mama! *runs around in circles and bounces off the walls* That's wonderful! Congratulations and *HUGE HUGS*

*Catches and cuddles her puppy girl!*

Thank you , sweetie!


Although I am a lowly white belt in aikido yet, I was there when the sensei showed us a couple of pressure points on the forearms in the intermediate class, though we're told not to rely on them.

The one just about the elbow... is that the nerve that can be flipped over the bone? My sister and I used to pinch each other there as kids to mutual annoyance. :-> (Discovered by accident hitting one's elbows against things, probably.)

Again: congratulations, and keep kicking ass! :-)

I don't know about the nerve thing, although it's likely. It's not painful for me, but it is for others.

And thank you!

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