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Pakua Diary 10/24/03

After the initial ceremony (yay!!), we got down to business. Rikki and I took off our hats and skirts and Rikki was called to the front to lead the 24, and she did an excellent job. This day, which was a special make up day, we also had our new white belt, Carmela, and two guests, which made it more fun.

After the 24 movements, we had one on one fighting. Instructor Dominique called me to the center to demonstrate it, and then I sparred with first Rikki (now a green belt!), then with Carmela, and finally with one of the "guests".

Then she demonstrated (with Rikki) a self defense technique. She first went over the white belt technique - attacker grabs the shoulders. Victim kicks the attacker and then brings her hands between the attacker's arms and pushes them apart. She then punches upwards with both hands.

No yellow belt. Hee! Orange belt - my first time. Victim kicks, and then assumes rider's position - legs apart, knees bent - just to the side. Then she grabs the attacker by her elbow pressure points - just above the joints -and drags her forward into a front fall. She then finishes with a punch or kick to the back of the neck.

Green belt flips the attacker. I want green belt.

I had a lot of fun with this technique. The pressure point thingie *works*, and even being the attacker had its charms. I was able to do front falls from standing, more or less, which is, to me, a breakthrough.

We finished up with Shadow Movements, and then Rikki drove me home.

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