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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

For ladykardasi

A belated Happy Birthday.

More than Treasure

Pretty boy, he was. Very like Bootstrap so far as Jack could remember, it having been so long ago. And a smile that was brighter than sun on the water to boot. Again, his father's smile coming to him from the past. And he did look fetching in that hat and those clean, new, lubberly clothes.

"So what might you be doing aboard me Pearl, lad? You'd not be leaving your pretty lass, would you be?" Jack saw a bit of red around Will's eyes. So perhaps leaving had been done, but not by him.

"She said she loved me, but she'd not had her fill of life yet before becoming a wife and mother. So her father sent her back to London to stay with her mother's people and come out to society - although, knowing Elizabeth, she'd put on breeches and turn to being a highwayman once she got bored." Will looked sad at that, but also amused.

"Aye, that she would, and give them all a right turn." Jack couldn't not think how a mealy-mouthed old man like the governor had the daughter the likes of her, but then that was something only the lass's mother would know. He chuckled at that thought. "So you want to turn pirate like your father, do you, lad?"

"My hands are strong, and I am skilled with both sword and hammer. And you know I don't lack courage. May I sail with you...Captain?" He stood tall and comfortable on the deck, looking more at home at sea than Jack would ever be on anything that didn't move beneath his feet.

"Captain is what I am, and I am king of this ship, and I'll have no treason on board, nor play no favorites. You'll fight with the rest of them, aye, and kill if you must, and you'll get your share of the booty and no more. You'll be doing blacksmith work if needed, but you'll be in up in the sheets more than you'll be below deck, and mind the fire aboard ship. One spark and we'll all wish we had them coins."

"I'm willing to learn, Captain. If it's in my blood..."

"Aye, it is. You be your father's son. It's him I see looking out your face." And Jack remembered times when that face meant more than killing or the sharing of loot, and wondered if Will would get lonely enough on the waters.

"Then I should learn to be one. And, Captain."

"Aye, lad?"

"It was my idea that Katherine go to England. I put it in her head so she would think it was hers." And then he gave Jack a look that was so much Bootstrap that Jack had to come hard about not to shout his name. He moved closer, too, smelling of soap and water and the sweat of hard labor, and Jack did not move away.

"Was it like that, Will?"

Will moved closer, and Jack saw what he hadn't seen before. Will was his father's own son, true enough, but there was a hint of more in his eyes, and in his looks. He found himself as dizzy as he felt shipless on land. "Y..aye, Captain. It was." Will's hand was warm on his.

"Some say..." Jack blinked. "Some say that touching a captain is hanging offense."

"We're not in the Navy." His breath was sweet.

"I run a ship as taut as any." And Will's lips were both warm and sweet and his arms wrapped strong around his body, and it had been years since anyone had done this for anything but pay.

And Jack had not had the ability to pay for longer than he could think.

"I suspect you do. Jack." And that was Will's smile, right enough, owing nothing to his father. "We should not be doing this on deck, though."

Jack looked around at the grinning faces. No, this would not do. "Then we shall depart for private climes, Will."

His cabin was clean, with the hammock rolled away, but Jack could set it up in seconds, while Will took off his clean, lubberly clothes. His blacksmith's muscles gleamed in the afternoon light, and Jack felt himself fairly drool at the sight - and at the large mast arising out of the fair oakum between the lad's legs. He could feel his own backside quiver.

A captain doesn't get buggered, not aboard his ship. A captain does the buggering, or he screws the wenches on land, and that is what a captain does. Or he fails with every wench he tries and lets the pretty boys go on unscrewed.

But with many sweet and strong kisses, Will placed Jack in his hammock, and using the fat Jack used for his hair, prepared him gently and well for the use - and if Will was so skilled at this, then who had his teaching?

And then Jack could not think more, for the getting of what he craved as much as treasure and rum, and only second to the Black Pearl herself as she flew with the wind, and if he cried his pleasure to the sun, none but Will would know who and what was the cause, and Will would stay by him aboard his ship and in his bed until they both joined with Bootstrap again.

Jack knew this as he held the lad in his arms and slept to the sounds of the sails in the wind and the working of his lovely, lovely ship.


Aye, aye, Cap'n. I liked this a lot. I know you said you thought Jack was hard to do - and that is indeed the reason why there is no Jack/Will slash by kira-nerys *rueful grin* - but I think you did a great job, mamadeb. I can certainly hear him in your words.

Yum. I wish there were more good Jack/Will slash out there, but it's hard to come by.

May I archive this on my site, so others can have the pleasure of reading it?

Thank you!!!

I'm so glad you liked it.

Yes, you may archive it. Use my name, Debra Fran Baker. I am honored.

This will eventually find it's way onto my own website.

And, um.

I turn forty on November 5. :)

Oh dear, forty, huh?

Okay, what pairing? I'll see what I can do, but I warn you. I haven't been able to write much of anything for a very long time, mostly because I'm running myself ragged with all those fests LOL

But shoot and I'll give it a try.

Any standard m/m HP will do. Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, Snape/Remus, Snape/Sirius, Harry/Neville. (Okay, but the last *should* be standard. :))

Okay, it'll end up being a HP/SS I suspect. What rating do you prefer. I don't mind writing NC17, but from what I've seen of your own writing, you seldom write explicit slash, so I just want to make sure that you don't dislike it. I'm not promising that it'll be NC17 even if you do like it, I just want to check my options here :)

I have absolutely no objection to explicit slash, reading it or writing it. It just has to fit the story. If you look around what I've written, there have been times I've gone into precise details.

Hey there, I'm going to have to read some of your stuff - some more I should say. I have read a few bits and pieces here and there, but hadn't been to your website until just now. I see that your stories aren't rated though. I'm a bit quirky in that respect, because I usually avoid stories that aren't rated at all. It's like getting a hold of a book with no summary. I guess it's a weird way to react, but ... can't help it.

Sorry about that. I hate rating stories. I do it for websites, and always estimate high, but I hate it.

And they do run the gamut from G rated to NC-17.