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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
On Skirts

Yesterday, I wore a skirt that many of the frummer ladies among you will recognize as nearly perfect.

It's a tailored medium-grey wool a-line, fully lined, that just reaches the tops of my ankles. It has no slit at all, and it even has *pockets*. Even better, it's less tight around the waist than it has been.

See? Just the right sort of skirt for office or synagogue or anyplace that a denim skirt just won't go.

So, I'm walking to the bus last evening, and because of it's cut, shorter length and heavier material, I can feel it hitting my legs. So, I did some testing, and I have to lengthen my stride to the point of pain before the hem got too tight. And, I can run (well, sprint) without a problem. And I already know that I don't have to pick it up to climb stairs and it doesn't give problems with very high steps. (See? Still nearly perfect. If it weren't dry clean only...)

But. I can't *kick*. At best, I could get to the shin of someone standing very nearby. To do anything worthwhile, I'd have to either lift the skirt up or tear it. And, if I were in a situation where either was necessary, I'd do it. But, picking up the skirt takes a hand out of action and the effort needed to tear the skirt would reduce the force of the first kick, and that would leave me more vulnerable.

Or I could use my knee.

And I now find myself thinking to reserve that skirt for times I'm not walking alone at night. And I'm wearing a very, very full one today.


Only suggestion I have is more appropriate to when you find a skirt with a slit. Put a fabric panel to close the slit, which will increase the modesty factor, but also provide you with greater freedom of movement. Sort of a breakaway slit.

That's a possibility. But at this point, I don't even look at skirts with slits. I just get very full ones if I can.


Just a thought. You can modify any dress no matter how long to have one or both seams attached with velcro. If you were to kick beyond the boundries of the dress, the velcro would give.

Re: Velcro

That would work.

You realize, I'd never actually been a situation where this would be necessary. And I pray that it never happens. And there's a good chance my training would just go bye-bye, so none of this should be necessary.

I'm just amused that I'm concerned that my skirts will get in the way.

Re: Velcro

My mom got me to take a self-defense class while I was at grad school, one where we learned the moves at full strength (the guys who played the attackers were *very* well padded!). I wore skirts the whole way through, and it wasn't an issue at all.

You're learning different moves, but I suspect that should you need to use them (I hope you won't!), the adrenaline would take over, and there wouldn't be skirt-worries.

So Pakua relies on kicks a lot?