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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
On Skirts

Yesterday, I wore a skirt that many of the frummer ladies among you will recognize as nearly perfect.

It's a tailored medium-grey wool a-line, fully lined, that just reaches the tops of my ankles. It has no slit at all, and it even has *pockets*. Even better, it's less tight around the waist than it has been.

See? Just the right sort of skirt for office or synagogue or anyplace that a denim skirt just won't go.

So, I'm walking to the bus last evening, and because of it's cut, shorter length and heavier material, I can feel it hitting my legs. So, I did some testing, and I have to lengthen my stride to the point of pain before the hem got too tight. And, I can run (well, sprint) without a problem. And I already know that I don't have to pick it up to climb stairs and it doesn't give problems with very high steps. (See? Still nearly perfect. If it weren't dry clean only...)

But. I can't *kick*. At best, I could get to the shin of someone standing very nearby. To do anything worthwhile, I'd have to either lift the skirt up or tear it. And, if I were in a situation where either was necessary, I'd do it. But, picking up the skirt takes a hand out of action and the effort needed to tear the skirt would reduce the force of the first kick, and that would leave me more vulnerable.

Or I could use my knee.

And I now find myself thinking to reserve that skirt for times I'm not walking alone at night. And I'm wearing a very, very full one today.

Re: Velcro

That would work.

You realize, I'd never actually been a situation where this would be necessary. And I pray that it never happens. And there's a good chance my training would just go bye-bye, so none of this should be necessary.

I'm just amused that I'm concerned that my skirts will get in the way.

Re: Velcro

My mom got me to take a self-defense class while I was at grad school, one where we learned the moves at full strength (the guys who played the attackers were *very* well padded!). I wore skirts the whole way through, and it wasn't an issue at all.

You're learning different moves, but I suspect that should you need to use them (I hope you won't!), the adrenaline would take over, and there wouldn't be skirt-worries.