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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I am bored

I am reading ff.net.

And I met this story:

10. Heartbroken: A Hermoine Granger Tail by P3HarryP.Witch reviews
Everything goes wrong in Hermoine's life then when somthing good finaly happens it's torn away from her. Alone with a baby she turns to the most unlikly person for comfort

A bored Mama is a dangerous thing. But not as dangerous as Hermione's choice of clothing.


Okay, so I clicked on the link because I'm a lemming, and in true ff.net fashion, a pop up immediately arrived, complete with applause sound effects. Loud ones. This was, of course, when I was at work (and had uncharacteristically left the speakers on after listening to...um...an Alan Rickman clip).

So. Not only was the story insane, but it was accompanied by applause.


Oh that was ever so terrifying....

This is a parody, right? RIGHT? I mean, "Tail"? "Prolouge"? "strait" hair?

And she's got a bunch of positive reviews. *eyes cross*

Frankly, I don't know if I've ever been that bored in my life.

Oh, I didn't get past the first part.

But it was so bad I just *had* to share. Because I love you all so much.

"Alone with a baby she turns to the most unlikly person for comfort"



Her parents?

Nah - asking for aid from family and people you've merely been friends with for five year would be unthinkable.

(HP fangirls ship Hermione with almost everyone, don't they? Cannot believe Hermione/Malfoy is nearly... mainstream.)

That is just EVIL, Mama. Evil. I read...umm...10 lines? No, I SKIMMED ten lines or so. That would hurt my eyes if I actually tried to READ it.

::shudders and goes back to looking for GOOD fic::