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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 10/30/03

Got there about five minutes late. Not too bad. Still was able to run around the dojo for a while. Ins. Dominique led the 24 movements and then had me lead the kicking. There are ten basic kicks - front straight leg, front bent knee, the four circular kicks (inside out to the knee and to the head, outside in to the knee and to the head), the side kick, the long kick with blocking, the rear kick without looking and the rear kick with looking. I often do them alone - they do good things for the thighs and stomach - so I was pretty confidant.

Then we did one on one training, and then there was the one step fighting technique. White belt (we had one of each color in this class. :) was blocking and then three kicks - knee, waist and side. Yellow was the same, but she had Penina do a grab, elbow to the ribs and then move around the back for an elbow to the side. Orange. Orange was a grab to the out stretched fist, a step out, and then the right forefinger to the pressure point just behind the earlobe. This brings the opponent to the ground, where you finish with a punch.

Green, because the green belt did green on me, was pulling the arm behind the attacker until it locked. Ow!
Grey was a flip. I got flipped for the first time! Which was much fun now that I know how to fall.

We finished with some shadow movements.

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