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Cutting hair

I trimmed my hair today. This is something I do once in a great while if I think about it, and I should probably do more often.

I wear it long - long enough that when it's combed and dry, it almost reaches the waistband of my skirts. It's fine and curly and when combed and worn loose, it gets fluffy. It's also thin on top, which is a problem I can more or less conceal the right hairstyle or headband. I stopped cutting it about when I got married, mostly out of laziness - long hair means not needing regular trims or haircuts - but partially because I wanted to do it. And it seems my husband is a typical guy in that he likes long-haired women.

Turns out that long hair is fairly easy to care for if you're not concerned with style, and I'm not. I comb it, wash it, condition it and towel it. It's thin, so it dries quickly enough if it's loose. Then I braid it and use a big barrette to fasten my hair in a sort of flat bun so it's totally out of the way. At night, I take out the barrette. On Friday nights, when I'm alone with my husband, I put in a hairband so it's pretty and still out of my way.

And all of this is practically moot because no one but Jonathan sees my hair. I have friends who have never seen it, or if they have, they don't remember anymore. Before I leave the house, or if there is a guest in my house, especially a male one, I put on one of my collection of snoods or hats as appropriate to the situation - hats are for work, snoods for casual. The pinned up braid makes it all very simple, except that wisps always escape no matter what I do. I think that the long hair makes it all much easier. If it wasn't long enough to pull back or tuck up or whatever, then I'd have to keep it cut very short , and have it trimmed often so that it doesn't show too much under my hats. Either that, or I'd have to wear snoods *and* hats at the same time. Or wigs. And I don't want a wig.

So, I cut my hair today. I trimmed off the uneven wisps at the bottom and a lot of split ends. And my hair is still nearly waist length and fluffy. And I'm going to go out soon to do my laundry. With my neatened hair covered. :)

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