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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
A pot of white

That's what I had on my stove.

I'm making a tofu and cauliflower curry tonight. I cubed the extra-firm tofu and started cooking it with margarine (I forgot to buy olive oil. :( ) Then I chopped up a large white onion and added that, and followed that with a chopped up cauliflower, adding curry each time. I also poured in some water and added more curry.

Even with the curry, it was *white*. Yellowish white, but white.

I've now added frozen peas'n carrots. Yeah, I know. But I wasn't in the mood to chop carrots. And all I want from them is color, and I'd rather use frozen peas. Now simmering all together, to be served over rice.


Pot of White

One thing I do with cauliflower is put in either a little bit of garam masala or annato (look in the spice department of the supermarket), and it gives it the right color for curried veggies.

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Hot Israeli curry. There's a little Israeli spice store not too far from where I live.